Some may say I’m a fairly ordinary guy but that’s not how I view myself. Throughout my life I have often wondered what my hobbies or passions were and what I would do for a career. It wasn't until I met my wife and she became a photographer that I started slowly gaining an interest in photography. We had a couple of kids and she would take photos of them as they grew. Naturally I ended up picking up the camera while not knowing a thing about the settings to take photos of her and our boys.
I upgraded my phone just before we went on a family vacation to Vancouver Island. The advancements in the phone’s camera capabilities really got me interested and excited about photography. I started taking a lot of photographs with my phone and started experimenting more with my wife’s DSLR. She taught me a great deal about the various settings on the DSLR.
I’ve always enjoyed the great outdoors and hiking so putting the two together made for a great match. There are times when I struggle to find a solid composition and it can be frustrating. It’s at these times I find it best to slow it down, take in the environment and enjoy the little things. Whether that be a break from the city noise, stresses of work or home and just breathe the fresh air of the great outdoors. I often use these times to reflect and relax. Nature is a great catalyst for self-improvement and reflection. I suppose that is partially why I enjoy photography so much. I enjoy being able to capture and evoke a mood or a certain tone I may be feeling while being in an environment.
I’m still fairly young in my photography journey. I have already learned so much through experimenting, trial and error and seeking out other photographers on various social media platforms. I owe a large thank you for the help and encouragement of my wife and viewers like you. I hope to capture images that will awe and inspire you as my audience in one way or another. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. Thank you for your time and for your interest.

Published by the following publications:
Canadian Geographic
Canadian Wildlife Federation
CBC British Columbia
Vernon Morning Star
Canon Canada

Selected as a finalist for the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021
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